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Whether you are 10 feet or 1000 miles from a customer, you shouldn't have to rely on countless plugins and apps just to sell a car. Space Auto is the unified retail solution you've been looking for. Easy Does It.

Fighting Frankenstein?

Do you feel like you're forced to use multiple pieces of technology that don’t always work together, and it's making the sales process way harder than it should be?

Well, you're not alone.

Every dealer we speak to feels this way.

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Welcome To Space Auto

The Simplified
Dealership Funnel.

Take customers from where they are...

...which is always on their phone. Most dealerships use multiple disconnected marketing messages that don’t tell those customers a single, simple story, resulting in wasted ad spend and low to no sales effectiveness. The Space Auto app...

Space Auto Products

Sell With More

Website Space

First impressions matter.

Conventional dealership websites have two problems. 1) the SEO strategies are extraordinarily bad, bordering on dishonest and 2) aren’t designed around the way humans search and ask for more information. Space Auto websites...


  • Are based on a powerful, transparent SEO strategy.
  • Are built around the human hand.
  • Tell your dealership’s unique story.
  • Are blazing fast with your inventory built in.
Retail Space

Turn quantity into quality.

Excuse the pun, but this is where the rubber hits the road in sales; Deal Management and Desking. Your time should be focused on turning things into meaningful actions, not logging in to disconnected software tools. Space Auto…


  • Isn’t a glorified form fill, but gives really useful info in real time.
  • Allows customer and dealer to collaborate on the deal together.
Dealer Space

Lead management done right.

This is the engine room of Space Auto. This is where dealers organize, input and manage inventory, collaborate with customers on deals and track traffic, lead submissions, and even profit by zip codes. Dealer Space is for your entire team as it comes with an unlimited number of users.


Hear all about it.

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Showcase your dealership and inventory the way your customers deserve.

Popular Features

  • Lightning Fast Website
  • Drag and Drop Space Builder
  • Search by Payment, Features, and More
  • Instant Trade, Credit, Payments, and More
  • Specials, Campaigns, and On-Site Marketing
  • Seamless Digital Retail Connection
  • Premium US-Based Support

Work deals remotely or at the dealership with more intelligent retailing tools.

Popular Features

  • Customer-Facing Digital Retailing
  • Real-time Payments, Taxes & Interest Rates
  • Dealer-Side Digital Desking
  • Connection with Hundreds of Lenders
  • Document Management
  • Digital Deal Folders
  • DMS Integrations

Sell a car the right way from anywhere. Get the full power of Space Auto on any device.

Popular Features

  • Next-Gen CRM Tool
  • Website, Marketing, Sales Reporting
  • Deal Management
  • Customer Financial Insights
  • Upload and Send Videos
  • Inventory Management
  • iOS, Android, Mac, PC & Web Application

DAISI (“Dealership AI System Integration”) exists to make sales easier for sales teams.

Popular Features

  • AI Message Suggestions
  • AI Language Translations
  • AI Message Cleanup
  • AI CRM Automations
  • AI Customized Responses
  • AI Vehicle Descriptions
  • AI Website SEO

Space Auto Services

Dear Car Sellers, Meet Car Buyers


Google likes us.

There is a dark side to SEO; dealers get sold solutions that drive traffic numbers but those people are not in the market for a car. That’s useless. We improve your website so new customers who haven’t heard of you buy from you. Here’s how…

  • We drive qualified traffic of people looking to buy a car.
  • A blazingly fast website built to best Internet practices for headlines and copy.
  • Google My Business properly setup.
  • More sales from non-branded generic car searches.
Paid Marketing

Multi-touch campaigns win.

A great campaign partner is so much more than someone who just buys search ads and creates inventory specific ads. Dealers need insight into how people buy without needing you to be the digital marketing expert. Our expertise knows…

  • Dealers who win run campaigns that drive sales long term.
  • There are no silver bullets, you need creative that sells cars and tells your story.
  • Campaigns that win ask for the business at the right time, and only at that time.
Agency Creative

Create content with value.

For dealers who believe they have a story to tell, we can give you the same creative teams we use with BMW and multi-rooftop dealers like BuyRider.

Any agency can ‘do’ Google ads, build a website, some Google shopping and inventory ads. But if you are looking for something a little special, we have the team to do it for you.

Creative Stills - Space Auto

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