a sales funnel for your website designed to make your leads high quality and data rich.

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What do customers actually want out of your digital retailing?

  • I sat at the dealership for 4 hours filling out forms I could have finished from my couch.
  • I’m not gonna spend thousands of dollars online without seeing the car in person.
  • No offence to the staff, but I’d rather just come in, do a test drive and sign the contracts.
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wtf is the process?!

Your process shouldn't change depending on how your customer is buying, link your retailing tools with your CRM in real-time.

  • Instantly synced with CRM
  • Trackable customer profile
  • Work deals with customers remotely
  • Document Upload
  • Appointment scheduling
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Magic Conversion

High-value conversion tools like instant trade, credit apps, and service coupons generate customer interaction.

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Magic Communication

Our tools combine the data and allow your customers to build their deals and send necessary files online.

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Magic Appointment

Let’s face it - sales can still happen in person, so create more opportunities to make appointments that lead to sales.

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A demo is only 30 mins.

We get it. An hour talking to another vendor sounds like a drag. We promise to tell you how our products can improve your business and skip the long sales pitch.


Get a run through of our technology, services and their proven track record.


An expert will work with you on your business goals and build you a tailored plan.


We will release our team to go execute that plan and keep you updated.



  • Customer accounts
  • Instant trade application
  • Credit applications
  • Digital offers
  • Appointments
  • Customer document upload
  • Free with CRM or website
  • Saved favorites
  • Work multiple deals
  • Salesperson link
  • Passwordless sign-in
  • Full funnel tracking
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