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The way to really get to know your customers.

The Space Auto app lets your salespeople track every customer along their entire journey, manage deals, and communicate using our AI-powered responses—all at your fingertips.

Car Dealer CRM Space Auto

The first-ever customer-centric technology created for car dealers that tracks the entire customer journey, from first click to close.

Nick Askew, Space Auto Founder & CEO, demonstrates the power and simplicity of this innovative software for dealers.

Patrick Young, Internet Sales Manager at Greg Coats Cars & Trucks demonstrates Space Auto App and explains why "it's so much easier to use than their old CRM."

CRM AI Responses

See how Space Auto CRM AI Responses revolutionize dealership customer communications, saving you time and money.

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See how the digital retailing portal can be accessed by car buyers on any browser or mobile device, at home or on the go to upload documents and move towards a close. The portal is part of the Space Auto App, so dealers can track the process and interact with customers in real-time.

Space Auto CRM Data Screen

A process your sales team will love

See your customers’ behavior from the macro to the micro so you can make the most informed sales decisions. And, our app integrates seamlessly with our Space Auto Websites because they’re the same software.
Space Auto Mobile CRM

Have more time for face-to-face sales

We all know sales happen in person, that’s why we create more opportunities to make appointments that lead to sales.

Space Auto Mobile CRM Deal

Communication is everything

Communicate with your customers with text, calls, and emails, so the conversation is always easy and accessible, and do it all in our best-in-class mobile app.

Space Auto App Features

  • Collaborative deal management
  • Cloud based for real time updates
  • 1st party audiences
  • SMS, email, calls
  • Drip campaigns
  • Salesforce insights
  • Inventory management system
  • iPhone / Android app
  • PC / Mac app
  • Website app
  • Trade values
  • Send customer walkaround videos
  • Document manager
  • Sales and marketing reporting
  • Customer insights
  • Mobile photo uploads and VIN scanner
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